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How Long Does it Take to Ship a Stand Up Paddle Board?

Fast is almost always better than slow, especially when it is something you really want to use!  We want to see you on the water on your new Cruiser SUP as fast as possible.  The question is, how long does it really take from the time  you submit your order until you are paddling?

How do Stand Up Paddle Boards Ship?

This depends entirely on style of board - depending where inflatable or non-inflatable (rigid epoxy) paddle board.  As inflatables packaging is so much more compact in size, we ship all our inflatable paddle boards by FedEx.  However, the biggest question we are often asked, is why we do not use FedEx for non-inflatable (rigid/epoxy) boards?

Rigid paddleboards are simply too large for courier companies such as FedEx to transport.  Fedex  (or UPS) simply do not accept shipments for hard SUP.  We have partnered with YRC Freight for well over the10 years, as our sole carrier of CruiserSUP® rigids boards due to their quick transit times, but also their almost impeccable safe delivery rate, which we double box.

Having to ship non-inflatable boards by freight carrier is something that all brands and retailers of non-inflatable boards have in common.  While there are costly express options available that can add hundreds in shipping costs, standard ground shipping and transit times are the norm. 

Do you have hopes of large on-line retailers with free 2 day shipping membership programs shipping a non-inflatable board to you in 2 days?  Sorry to be a downer, but check the exemptions and you will clearly see rigid paddle boards are not included and usually have extra shipping costs. 

Two paddle boarders on a lake

When Will I Get My Rigid/Non-Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board?

Depending on the time of of day you order, there is a really high chance your board will ship same day. However, if your order is placed later in the day (EST time), it may not leave until the next day.  It takes our warehouse some time to double box (more on that below!) your board, and while we want to see get your board quick, we also want you to get it safely. We never compromise safely boxing each board, just to ship out more boards in a day. Our warehouse and logistics staff are experts at what they do -based on over 10 years experience!

Below is a transit map from our NY shipping hub.  Find your state, the matching color on the legend, and that will give you a basic idea.  However, if you are shipping to a home address, YRC will be calling you  to set up a delivery appointment (much like furniture or major appliance delivery). 

Occasionally, this can add a day or two, as they coordinate delivery around your schedule.  And while this map is estimated transit times, sometimes things like extreme weather, or high shipment volume (i.e right before Christmas, or right before summer holiday weekends) can cause delays.  Generally you can take your estimated transit time, and then add a day or two.

Pro Tip - Plan ahead and order early! Not only do you take advantage of early season pricing, but you avoid the stress of hoping your shipment arrives on time. Or, the dreaded disappointment of not having your new board for your vacation.

A Map showing paddle board shipment transit times

Is it Safe?

We have shipped tens of thousands of SUP and windsurf boards over the past 24 years. We have learned a thing or two along the way!

It all starts with how we get boards to our warehouse from our factories. We only bring boards in by freight container. This way, they go into the container at the factory, and then the next time they are touched is when our warehouse staff unloads and inspects each one.  Bringing boards in this way, ensures they arrive to us exactly as they left the factory, which is flawless and best packing in the industry.

When they leave the factory they are bubble wrapped, the rails get extra padding, and then they are put into their "factory box".  While the factory box is a tough box, it isn't tough enough to ship to you by national transport freight carriers. 

Over a decade ago, our logistics masterminds developed our unique and innovative double box, which is a 150" x 38" x 8"  high density card board sarcophagus for SUP boards.  These boxes are designed to take the wear and tear of freight shipping, and what gives us our nearly 100% safe delivery rate.

Pro Tip - If you are considering order a board from another brand (we know you aren't), ask them if they double box their boards.  Answers like "we add extra packing" or "our boxes are extra tough" is their way of saying "no, we don't" - and they probably experience a high damage rate, which is frustrating for their customers. 

Our industry leading double boxing is they key to safe delivery. It may be expensive for us, but you are worth it!

Paddle boarders on a lake

When Will I Get My Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board?

Generally, inflatables ship faster than non-inflatables.  The boxes are smaller, and FedEx has the largest network of trucks and planes on the planet to move shipments around quickly. Expect anywhere from 1 to 5 business days from our NY shipping hub, just as the map below suggests.  As FedEx does not need to call to schedule delivery (unlike a freight carrier, there are no delays getting your board to you due to setting up deliveries). Just make sure you have shipped to a place that and adult can sign for it, as signature is needed.

A transit time map for inflatable SUP boards

Pro Tip - Not only are inflatables easy to store, transport, easy to use, and super tough, they are fast to ship. Left it until the last minute?  Think inflatable.

What Are You Waiting For?

In the era of free 2 day shipping, sometimes it is easy to expect everything to take 2 days. The fact of the matter is that if you want to experience all that SUP has to offer on a non-inflatable board, plan on it just taking a little bit of time for your board to arrive.  Boards are big, and boards have to ship freight carrier, which always takes a little bit longer than courier.

Plan ahead, order early to take advantage of early season discounts, and enjoy your new boards when they arrive!

Have a question about shipping?  Email us at or comment below!


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