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RailSaver Pro SUP Rail Guards

  • $49.95
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RailSaver Pro SUP Rail Guards

Great Protection for your boards' rails! The Original RailSaver Pro  can be added to any board rail to protect the board from the common problem of paddle scuffs and dings.

Protect your board rails, and just forget about hitting them with your paddle. Just enjoy!
Keep your board new and safe. Higher board reselling value.
No visual impact due to transparent material. Perfect for new boards.
High impact and abrasion resistance with minimum weight.
Optimized size for any board and paddler.
Super-easy installation. Allows repositioning while installing.

Won't yellow over time. Will last longer than your board.
Clear, translucent with RSPro logo at the side in silver color for a perfect match to any board colors.
2 strips x 191cm(6'3") x 6,3cm(2"1/2) semi-rigid 380 micron PVC lenticular pattern surface for high impact and abrasion resistance with the minimum weight. The lenticular patterns surface also facilitates adaptation to difficult areas and easy installation.
UV resistant and perfectly crystalline adhesive.