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Cruiser SUP Wholesale Partner Profile - Tarheel SUP Adventures

At Cruiser SUP,  the we love to foster the grass roots growth of stand up paddle boarding. We are proud to offer wholesale pricing to SUP based businesses that offer lessons, rentals, tours, and just able anything else that gets people on the water.

Let's get to know a little more about the good folks at Tarheel SUP Adventures!

The 411

If the name wasn't a giveaway, they are located in North Carolina. To be exact, they operate out of Lake Wheeler Park in Raleigh, NC.

Website: Tarheel SUP Adventures 

Phone Number: 252-916-2702

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

About Tarheel SUP Adventures

The husband and wife team  of Mark and Natalee Wamble have owned and operated  Tarheel SUP Adventures (lets shorten that down to THSA for the rest of the profile!) since 2017.  As an 18 year Floridian, Mark has been SUPing for several years.  Natalee was a late bloomer, getting into SUPing in 2014.  She was hooked from day 1, once someone pointed out to her she was on the board backwards!

Mark and Natalee Wamble, owners of Tarheel SUP Adventures

THSA  was born on a Sunday in a hot tub in historic Beaufort, NC after an adventurous weekend of SUPing the area with the dolphins and wild horses.  As soon as they returned home, the planning started and they launched in May 2017.  As adventure lovers, SUP is a natural sport for the Wambles and they love sharing their love of SUP with all their customers. Their only goal is to get as many people as they can onto a SUP to share their stoke.  

Mark is in his happy place when he is paddling in the surf and riding the waves.  Natalee on the other hand prefers flat water SUPing, SUP Yoga, and listening to the wind blow through the trees.  Being outside, on the water, and connecting with nature fills Mark and Natalee both with such joy and gratitude. Sharing this with their customers is something they were born to do!


Question Period with Mark and Natalee of Tarheel SUP Adventures

Tell us a little about who you are at what you do at Tarheel SUP Adventures?  

Mark is a full-time Logistics Coordinator for a local  company.  He a prior-service US Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer, Aviation Survival Technician, Onshore/Offshore Rescue Specialist and Rescue Swimmer Proficiency Trainer, previous nationally licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, and previous SUP rentals owner who has introduced and trained multiple people.  He leads tours and lessons at THSA.  

Natalee is a full-time School Librarian.  She is a triathlete who has trained in various water conditions in order to complete multiple triathlons including the IRONMAN 70.3  and IRONMAN  140.6 in Wrightsville Beach, NC.  She completed a 4 mile swim across Lake Waccamaw, NC in 2010 and is extremely comfortable in the water.  She has been trained by Professional Stand Up Paddleboard Seychelle Webster on SUP safety, water rescues, technique, and recently received her SUP Yoga Teacher Training.  Both instructors are CPR/First-Aid certified.  She leads tours, lessons, and SUP Yoga at THSA.

Natalee and Mark have four children and a SUP pup named Chewy (he is a 5lb. Shorkie).  In our "free time", and if we are not on the water, you can find us crossfitting in our garage gym.  We are both obsessed with Olympic Lifting!

A small dog on a stand up paddle board

What can a customer expect when they visit Tarheel SUP?

Our customers can expect a warm, hospitable, and Southern welcome.  We want each person we meet to walk away feeling more confident and happy!  We love introducing folks to the most popular water sport in the world!  We truly believe that adding water brings instant happiness and we are blessed to provide this opportunity to our customers.


A couple stand up paddle boarding

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to start SUP’ing? 

Anyone can do it, and embrace the fall!  That's part of the fun! 

A stand up paddle boarder

What is your favorite Cruiser SUP board and why did you pick Cruiser SUP? 

Our favorite board is the Cruiser SUP Dura-Maxx.  It is durable and versatile, and perfect for cruising, yoga, the kids, and our pup, Chewy.  It is seriously an all-around fantastic board!  Did we mention it is aesthetically bad-ass?  Initially, we choose Cruiser SUP because of their pricing; we were starting a business and their multi-board deal was hard to beat.  Who knew we would come to love these boards the way we do, and we would tell anyone (and have) to go with Cruiser SUP due to the quality, durability, aesthetics, and awesome customer service!  They won't regret it!  

Stand up paddle boarding on a lake

Are you in North Carolina? You have to try SUP with Tarheel SUP Adventures!

The Wambles are spreading SUP stoke in North Carolina like no body else. Their motto is "Get in where you fit in" and anyone who wants to try SUP will fit in just fine with Tarheel SUP Adventures!



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