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SUP Photography - 6 Essential Tips You Need to Know

Paddle Boarders at Sunset

If you love photography, and you love to stand up paddle board, why not combine the two?  Learn how to take the perfect shots by following our 6 essential tips to SUP photography

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Inflatable Paddle Boards - Are they worth it?

Riding and Inflatable Paddle Board

When it comes to picking the type of stand up paddle board to purchase, one key choice is between an inflatable (also called  iSUP’s)  and a traditional hard (epoxy, fibreglass) construction.  Let us help you understand more about inflatables, and why they are some of our favorite boards.


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5 Must Read Tips for Paddle Boarding With Kids

Kids on SUP

Want your kids to love stand up paddle boarding as much as you do? Follow these essential tips and your child will fall in love with SUP right from the start.

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Everything you need to know about Paddle Board Fin Placement

Paddle Board Fin

SUP fin placement can have a huge impact on how your board handles on the water. That’s why your paddle board fin set up is something you want to make sure you consider before you head out on your stand up paddle board.

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Spring into SUP Season - Be sure you are ready!

A group of paddle boarders

Now is the time to start thinking about getting your paddle board out and ready for the season.  But, what do you do exactly to get ready for the start of the paddle board season?   Let us help get you, and your equipment ready so you can be out on the water as soon as spring has sprung.

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