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Best Quality Stand Up Paddle Boards - 2018 Model Paddleboard Sale

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At Cruiser SUP, find the best stand up paddle boards for your enjoyment and budget. Our value leading paddle boards are light weight, lively and very durable. By offering industry leading quality, performance, warranty and service, we are 100% committed to providing the best deal that you can find.

We have SUP board packages to suit all paddle boarders. Our primarily focus is durable and easy to use stand up paddle board packages for beginners, along with light weight boards for women. We offer very rigid inflatable paddle boards, performance bamboo paddleboards, and incredible 2 board package savings.

Check out our range of 5 Star rated quality and value leading products today, then ask our experts what package is best for you. We’re Here To Help!


Designed in the USA

Cruiser SUP Quality

The team at Cruiser SUP is extremely dedicated to your long term enjoyment of the sport and Cruiser SUP products. Cruiser SUP products have industry leading standards of workmanship and attention to detail. It starts with product development in the U.S. After extensive testing, we chose designs and materials that offer the best combination of durability, light weight, ease of use and performance. The result is a light and lively feel that is unique to Cruiser SUP boards. See the difference. Feel the difference.

Two Year Warranty

Up to Two Year Warranty

Cruiser SUP manufacturers products with high quality material and manufacturing partners worldwide. Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards have a Two Year Warranty, while One Year Warranty on rigid/epoxy SUP boards.

We Use Them, We Know Them

We Use Them. We Know Them

Our staff of veteran paddle boarders can guide you through purchasing the best equipment for your needs and budget. All Cruiser SUP staff paddle, and paddle a lot. Let our experience help pick the best gear for you!

ECO Friendly

Eco-Friendly Products

Cruiser SUP is committed to utilizing materials, construction techniques, and manufacturing partners that reduce the impact of paddle board manufacturing on the environment, for current and future generations.

Factory Direct

Factory Direct Savings

Cruiser's Stand Up Paddle Boards are available direct to our customers to ensure customers receive industry leading service and factory direct savings. This allows customers to receive the light and lively feel Cruiser SUP's are known for, at a huge savings.

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