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Paddle Boarding with Whales - 7 Videos You Have To See To Believe

Imagine paddling on a beautiful, calm ocean when suddenly a whale appears just feet from your board. These paddle boarders all had this once in a lifetime experience, and were lucky enough to be able to capture their experience on video.

Check out our favorite videos of stand up paddle boarding with whales that leave us breathless every time we watch.


1. SUP’ing with Humpbacks in Half Moon Bay, CA

@FluteQueen got an unexpected visit from this juvenile Humpback while paddling her Cruiser SUP in the waters of Half Moon Bay, CA.


2.  Riding with Giants in Australia

Both the footage and the soundtrack make this a must watch.


 3.  A curious Orca in New Zealand

Maybe this one is a little too close for comfort?


4.  Blue Whale off Laguna Beach, CA

Considering the Blue Whale is the largest mammal in the world, Rich German remained extremely calm while filming!

5. Even Whales Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Jodie Nelson was paddling in a charity event to support Breast Cancer Awareness and had an unexpected paddling partner.


6.  SUP’ing at Sunset with Whales

As if the sunset wasn’t nice enough!



7. Orcas off the coast of British Columbia

These lucky few experienced a pod of Ocras closer than most will ever see.

Getting Up Close And Personal With Whales

Being out on the water with a whale as your paddle board partner is an amazing experience any paddle boarder might dream of. These videos are impressive, but don’t forget that whales are large wild creatures. For your own safety, and the safely of the whales, always give them the utmost respect in their natural habitat. If you get the once in a lifetime chance to be near them during your paddle boarding session, make sure you get it on video!

If you have a video of paddle boarding with whales that you think deserves to be on our list, we’d love to see it! Just email us at info@cruisersup.com or comment below!


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