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Stand Up Paddle Boards with Full Length Deck Pads: Why You Need One!

When it comes to almost anything, versatility is a good thing. If you are going to spend your hard earned money buying a new stand up paddle board, a very smart move is to buy the most versatile board possible.

Versatility is where SUP boards with full deck pads shine. Keep reading to find out why!

 stand up paddle board on a lake

What is a Paddle Board with a Full Length Deck Pad?

The deck pad, or traction pad on a SUP board is a firm rubber padding designed to give grip, traction, and comfort.  There are three main kinds of deck pads on paddle boards.

Standing Area Deck Pads

These deck pads just cover the middle area of the board where you will stand. They do the job, but don’t really give much traction outside of where you stand. We have a version of a standing area pad on the Blend series to show off incredible looking wood grain of the board. However, we use quite an extended length pad on the Blends to really cover a lot more versatility than most other brands standing area pad boards.

riding a stand up paddle board

Full Length Deck Pads

These deck pads cover the top of the board, from the tip to the tail. This means that the entire top of the board has grip and traction all over. Examples of boards with full length deck pads are the Fusion, Bliss, Dura-Maxx, Balance, and Yoga Mat.


two women on paddle boards

Full Wrap Deck Pads

This takes the full length deck pad idea one step further, and the deck pad not only covers the entire top of the board, but also the sides of the board. This adds grip and traction all over, but also adds durability to the rails of your new board! The Escape series features a full wrap deck pad. 

Pro Tip: Don’t mistake a board like the Escape with its full wrap deck pad for cheap “soft top” often found at big box stores.  Soft top boards generally are only a foam board with no structural construction, and with a deck pad put on top of it. They are cheap, flimsy, low performance, and very fragile.  The Escape is a full multi layer fiberglass/bamboo/carbon construction, just with a full wrap deck pad added!

doing SUP Yoga

Top 3 Reasons You Want a Paddle Board with a Full Length Deck Pad

Both full length deck pads, and full wrap deck pads add a huge amount of versatility to your board. Instead of being limited to a relatively small area on your board to stand with grip, you have traction all over!  What would you want to have grip all over?


Paddle Boarding  with Your Dog

You like having grip and traction when you SUP, and so does your dog!  A board with full pad coverage means that your pet can sit or stand anywhere your SUP board and have grip. A dog on a board with only a standing area traction pad can only stand very near your feet which can be awkward, or find a way to stand and balance on the slippery area of the front of the board not covered by a pad. Neither of these are ideal, and a full length or full wrap pad paddle board makes for the most pup friendly SUP possible.  The Fusion, Bliss, Dura-Maxx, and Escape are boards you have to check out if you are thinking about paddle boarding with your dog this summer.


Paddle boarding with a dog

Paddling with Your Kids

Kids love to SUP. Even if they are too young to paddle on their own, they will love to ride on the front of your board.  A full wrap or full length pad board allows you to paddle safely and comfortably with your kids.  They can sit or stand anywhere on the board, and takes away any spills that might occur due to their feet slipping on a section of board not covered by deck pad. When it comes to paddling with kids on your board, a full pad is a must. Boards like the Escape, Dura-Maxx, Fusion, and Bliss are by far our most popular boards for paddling with your kids.

Pro Tip – If you are going to paddle with kids on your board, you need to read this article!

 paddle boarding with kids

Photo: Rob Whelan Photography

SUP Yoga and Fitness

Picture doing your yoga practice with your feet comfortably on your yoga pad, but your hands are on wet slippery floor. Doesn’t sound very appealing. To properly to SUP yoga, you must have grip and traction.  Not only for an effective practice, but also for safety.  Picture being in Crow and your hands lose traction!

Full pad boards like the Yoga Mat and Balance are our flag ship SUP Yoga models. However, the Fusion, Bliss, Dura-Maxx, and Escape will work really well.
Paddle boards can also be used for other fitness avenues and not just SUP Yoga. 

HIIT training where you combine paddling with moves on the board like push ups, core work, and stretching are all made infinitely easier and safer with a full deck pad.

doing paddle board yoga on a lake

Size Matters!

When it comes to deck pad length, longer is better.  Not only does it make SUP safer and more enjoyable, it opens up so many other uses for your board other than just paddling.  Both a full length deck pad, or a full wrap deck pad will give you and anyone else using your SUP board increased comfort, traction, stability, and safety. For the added versatility they bring, full pads are the only way to go!


See our full line of stand up paddle boards with full length deck pads
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See our full line of stand up paddle boards with full wrap deck pads
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