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2022 Cruiser SUP Woody Paddle Board Range

The 2022 Cruiser SUP Woody range of paddle boards features our super durable X-Tech ABS/Polycarbonate hard shell construction. Our most durable and lightest solid paddle boards ever.  Between the Xplorer Woody, Xplorer Woody SE, Xplorer Classic, Xpedtion Woody, and Xcursion series, there are over 25 different paddle board sizes and graphic combinations to choose from!

What are the differences between the different model ranges?  First, let's look at what is the same between them.


Cruiser SUP Polycarbonate Shell Construction

The entire X-Tech paddle board range shares our super durable, yet light weight ABS/polycarbonate shell construction.  The EPS foam core of each paddle board is laminated with epoxy fibreglass/resin, reinforced with Kevlar, and then covered with our durable, yet light thermo-molded ABS/polycarbonate shell, for ultimate durability.  This construction results in SUP boards with exceptional stability, glide and stiffness. Also, industry leading durability, for many years of enjoyment - all while backed with our 2 Year Paddle Board Warranty.

With many years of refinement, the 10’6” and 11’4” shapes have proven to be stable, easy to paddle, and ultra-versatile. The 10’6" and 11’4" paddle board shapes and sizes are consistent across the Xcursion, Xplorer Classic, Xplorer Woody, Xplorer Woody SE range, as well as the Xpedition Woody.  A smaller 10’ size is also available in select models such as the Xplorer Woody and Xpedition.

For your ease and enjoyment, all feature the Cruiser SUP EZ Grab lockable carry handle, as well as 9” Tool Less Touring fin.  With the similarities known, let’s look at each model a bit closer.

Cruiser SUP stand up paddle board 

Xplorer Woody and Woody SE

The Xplorer Woody and the Xplorer Woody SE, similar to the Xplorer Classic, feature full dark wood graphics on the top side, but we didn’t stop there. The Xplorer Woody and Woody SE feature full wood graphics on both the top, and bottom of the paddle board for that timeless “Woody” look.  Compared to the Xplorer Classic, the Woody and Woody SE have substantially more bungee inserts both on the nose and tail, 4 cooler tie down inserts set behind the handle, as well as a Connex Adapter in front of the standing area. The Xplorer Woody and Woody SE are designed to do anything from casual SUP cruising, to taking you and your gear on any paddle board adventure you can dream up.  The Xplorer Woody and Woody SE also feature not only a tool less FCSII middle fin, but also a set of toolless FCSII side fins as a 2+1 fin set up.

What is the difference between the Xplorer Woody and the Xplorer Woody SE?  The difference is all in the deck pad graphics. The paddle boards themselves are 100% the same. The Xplorer Woody offers a single color deck pad, while the Xplorer Woody SE takes a slightly different aesthetic approach and incorporates a vertical stripe on the left side of the paddle board. Whether you prefer a single color deck pad, or striped, there is an Xplorer Woody to suit all tastes.


A couple on Cruiser SUP stand up paddle boards on a lake

Xpedition Woody

If you love a full-length deck pad, the Xpedition Woody is for you. Paddle boards with full length deck pads are ideal for those looking to do SUP Yoga, or paddle with kids or pets on board. The deck pad covers the entire top of the paddle board for total comfort and grip.

The Xpedition Woody has all the same features as the Xplorer Woody and Woody SE, just with a full-length deck pad.  We will let you decide which works best for you – the shorter pad with more of the unique wood graphics visible on the Xplorer Woody and Xplorer Woody SE, or the full pad Xpedition for maximum versatility.

 Cruiser SUP Xpedtion Woody stand up paddle board

Xplorer Classic

Available only in the 10’6 sizing, the Xplorer Classic takes the some of the long valued features of the Xcursion Classic and adds in a couple of extras. The Xplorer Classic features the stunning dark wood graphic on the top side of the board, as well ¾ length traction pad. Compared to the Xcursion Classic, the Xplorer Classic also has several more bungee tie down points on the nose, and tail.  Similar to the Xcursion, the Xplorer Classic is a single middle fin design.


STand up paddle boarders taking a rest

Xcursion Classic

In both the 10’6 and 11’4 sizing, the Xcursion Classic is a great value for those looking for a versatile paddle board with a full-length deck pad.  The Xcursion comes in a classic white hull with a full-length deck pad that is ideal for paddling with kids, or pets.  The Xcursion is the original X-Tech series board, having been in the range for nearly a decade. It features several bungee tie downs both on the nose and tail and single middle toolless fin system.


Male and female stand up paddle boarders

Cruiser SUP  Xcursion, Xplorer Classic, Xplorer Woody, Xplorer Woody SE, and Xpedition Paddle Boards

When buying a stand up paddle board, versatility is key!  We offer so many different varieties of the X-Tech series because at Cruiser SUP we like to be able to offer our valued customers as much versatility as possible. 

Love the dark wood look, but really want a full deck pad as you have young kids who will ride along?  The Xpedition is the stand up paddle board you!

Want a full deck pad, but really prefer non-wood graphics?  The Xcursion Classic is the SUP board of your dreams board then!

Want a super versatile paddle board, but also want to show off as much of the unique wood graphics as possible?  The Xplorer Woody or Xplorer Woody SE are the boards your sights should be set on.

While several of our paddle boards look and sound similar, there are a lot of differences between the Xpedtion, Xcursion, Xplorer Classic and the Xplorer Woody and Woody SE. Did we miss something?  Just jump on live chat at the bottom right of the screen as ask!


About the Author

Glenn Morton on stand up paddle board

Glenn Morton is Customer Experience Manager at Cruiser SUP, as well as chief content creator.  Glenn has been stand up paddle boarding and windsurfing over 20 years, and has been with Cruiser SUP for over 15 years.  When not on the water, Glenn can be found on his road bike, a ski hill, or raising his 14-year-old daughter Nora.  Glenn is an expert in all things paddle boarding including paddle board technique, SUP safety, and all paddle board products.  Customers rely on Glenn's expertise to help guide them in their purchase of the best stand up paddle boards for their needs. Glenn helps equip thousands of paddle boarders each year and is ready and waiting to help you!


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