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Top Family Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand up paddling board with your family is a great way to spend quality time together, and get some exercise while you are at it!  Whether you paddling with your partner, kids, or fur babies, we have the best board for your families needs. Let's take a look at our top stand up paddle boards for families and help you pick the option that will work best for you.  

Pro Tip - When buying for a family, take advantage of the extra savings on all the boards below as part of our 2 Board Packages. Not only will you save money buying 2 boards at the same time, but your family will thank you as it is always more fun to paddle in pairs!

kids stand up paddle boarding

Cruiser SUP Dura-Maxx Series 

Available in a 10'6 that is stable for riders up to 250lbs, and an 11'4 that works for paddlers up to 325lbs, there is a Dura-Maxx to fit everyone in your family.  Cruiser SUP's Dura-Shield Shell Technology makes the Dura-Maxx ultra durable, but still exceptionally light.

Why We Picked It

Families can be tough on stand up paddle boards.  With a number of different people sharing and enjoying the board, a family stand up paddled board should be stable, easy to use, but also durable. The poly carbonate shell, Kevlar reinforcement, and full length rail guards of the Dura-Maxx ensure it has maximum durability.  A premium full length deck pad offers grip and traction all over, and is ideal for paddling with younger kids, dogs, or doing SUP Yoga.  Add a few great looking color options to chose from, and the Dura-Maxx is a great family paddle board option.

Who It's For

  • Families that want a versatile, easy to use, and extremely durable board without having to give up performance or progression ability.
  • Paddlers wanting to have a full length deck pad to enjoy paddling with their kids or pets.
  • Families looking for a long lasting board that can be shared and enjoyed by friends and family.

    Quick Facts

    Length - 10'6" and 11'6"
    Width - 32.5" to 33.5"
    Weight - 28lbs to 32.5lbs
    Capacity - Up to 325lbs (depending on board size)
    Fin - Screwless Middle Fin
    Warranty - 2 Years 
    Where to Buy - Single Cruiser SUP Dura-Maxx Package or 2 Board Cruiser SUP Dura-Maxx Package

     A family stand up paddle boarding on a lake

    Cruiser SUP Escape Series

    With sizes from 7'11" through 11'4" and enough stability for riders up to 250lbs, the Escape series is a favorite for families due thanks to Cruiser SUP's  incredibly durable, comfortable, and light weight Dura-Soft Technology.

    Why We Picked It

    Featuring a seamless full wrap deck pad, the Escape series offers grip and traction over the entire top surface of the board, including the rails. This adds durability to the rails of the board as they are covered with a durable high density EVA foam pad. The full wrap pad also gives grip and traction for anyone paddling with kids, pets, or doing a SUP Yoga practice.  With no slippery areas at all, anyone and everyone will have a safe and comfortable SUP experience. Not to mention, the Escape are a great performing board that have excellent speed and tracking to make sure you family keeps on progressing  towards expert level paddle boarders.

    Who It's For

    • Families looking for a lightweight, durable, value priced stand up paddle board with a full wrap deck pad.
    • Those looking to paddle with kids or pets on board.
    • Anyone that wants to have a great performing board shape that will not limit progression.

      Quick Facts

      Length - 7'11" to 11'4"
      Width - 32" to 33.5"
      Weight - 18lbs to 28lbs
      Capacity - Up to 250lbs (depending on board size)
      Fin - Screwless Middle Fin + Side Fins
      Warranty - 2 Years 
      Where to Buy - Single Board Cruiser SUP Performer Package or Two Board Cruiser SUP Performer Package

       A family SUP'ing on a lake

      Cruiser SUP Fusion and Bliss Series

      A family favorite, the Bliss and Fusion come in 10'0" through 11'6" sizing, and depending on board sizing, can be stable for anyone up to 300lbs!  Cruiser SUP's Feather-Lite Wood//Fiberglass/Carbon Technology is a quintessential blend of durability and performance that make the Fusion and Bliss a great choice for families with a variety of paddler size and skill levels.

      Why We Picked It

      Not only are the Fusion and Bliss great looking, but they are loaded with performance and features that make them ideal SUP boards for families.  Feather-Lite Technology give them a light and lively feel in the water, while still remaining impeccably durable. A premium full length deck pad adds versatility to allow kids or dogs to hitch a ride, or to just lounge around on the water.  With ample bungee cord tie downs for carrying gear, and screw less touring fin, the Fusion and Bliss are also great board to set out and do some exploring.

      Who It's For

      • Those that want it all! Durability, great looks, performance, stability, and ease of use.
      • Families with young kids or pets
      • Anyone who wants a board board that they can share with anyone regardless of their skill level.

        Quick Facts

        Length - 10'0" to 11'6"
        Width - 32" to 34.5"
        Weight - 24lbs to 31.5lbs
        Capacity - Up to 300lbs (depending on board size)
        Fin - Screwless Middle Fin + Side Fins
        Warranty - 2 Years 
        Where to Buy - Single Board Cruiser SUP Fusion Package or Single Board Cruiser SUP Bliss Package or  Two Board Cruiser SUP Fusion and Bliss Package

         A family stand up paddle boarding


        Cruiser SUP Crossover Air Series

        The Crossover Air series offers stability, ease of use, and durability in conveniently easy to store and transport form. When deflated, inflatables take up no more space than a rolled up sleeping bag, so are ideal for families that have limited storage at home or cottage.  The Crossover Air Series comes in 9'8" through 11'6" sizing and 5 eye catching colors to suit everyone's tastes, size, and skill level.

        Why We Picked It

        Sick of wrestling big and bulky things like canoes or kayaks into storage at the end of cottage season?  Inflatables take care of that as once you release the air pressure and have it back into the wheeled carry case, you can store your boards easily and quickly for the off season. What most don't realize is that inflatables can be left inflated all summer long and only deflated when time to store them for the off season.  Due to their increased thickness compared to non-inflatable boards, the Crossover Air is actually more stable that similar sized non inflatables boards. From a durability view point,  the rugged PVC vinyl construction is similar to that of white water rafting boards and built to last.  Inflatables are a family friendly, durable, and versatile option that should not be overlooked when considering which board to get for your family.

        Who It's For

        • Families looking for all around boards that are easier to store and transport than non-inflatable boards.
        • Families with young kids, as inflatables are very safe boards due to their slightly softer materials.
        • Those looking for great paddling boards that can be used by a variety of weight ranges and skill levels.

        Quick Facts

        Length -  9'8" to 11'6"
        Width -  32" to 33.5"
        Weight -  19lbs to 25.5lbs
        Capacity -  Up to 300lbs (depending on board size)
        Fin - Screwless Middle Fin + Side Fins
        Warranty - 2 Years 
        Where to Buy - Single Board Cruiser SUP Crossover Air Package or Two Board Cruiser SUP Crossover Air Package


        A Family on inflatable paddle boards

        Start Stand Up Paddle Boarding With Your Family This Summer!

        Now that you know which paddle boards are best for families, you just have to pick the boards you like best!  Make this summer you and your family start stand up paddle boarding!

        Still not sure which boards are the best for your family?  Just click the Live Chat Button at the top of the page, or give us a call or email. We have equiped thousands of families with the best boards for their needs, and are standing by to help you!



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