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Top 5 Women's Paddle Boards

With more women than men taking up stand up paddle boarding, it is only natural that there are great paddle boards designed specifically for women. Features including lighter weight constructions, smaller sizing, and eye catching graphics are what differentiates women's stand up paddle boards.

Let us walk you through some of the best stand up paddle boards that are specifically designed for female paddle boarders of all sizes, ages, and skill levels.

Women on Paddle Board

Cruiser SUP Bliss Series

As the name suggests, paddling the Bliss is pure bliss.  Available in 10'0", 10'6", and 11'0 sizes, the Bliss will accommodate riders up to 230lbs with ease. Cruiser SUP's Feather-Lite Technology is an extremely light weight, yet durable construction making, it ideal for all conditions.

Why We Picked It

The Bliss is the definition of an all around paddle board, handling everything from calm waters to surf with ease.  With ample width, volume and stability, it is exceptionally easy to learn on. However, you won't outgrow it, as the sophisticated shape allows for effortless progression. 

Couple this with a full length deck pad, bungee cords and insert positions, it is ideal for SUP Yoga, paddle boarding with your kids (or dog!) on the nose.  Four eye catching colorways make the Bliss an exceptional choice for women paddle boarders of all levels.

Who It's For

  • Those just getting into stand up paddle boarding and looking for a board that is easy to learn on, but will not limit progression.
  • Intermediate to advanced paddlers looking to upgrade from a larger, or heavier SUP board to gain more performance, glide, tracking and ease of handling.
  • Riders who want a full deck pad to add the ability to paddle with kids or pets on board, or do SUP Yoga and other on board fitness programs.
  • Anyone who wants a lightweight, durable, and versatile stand up paddle board

Quick Facts

Length - 10'0" to 11'0"
Width - 32" to 33.5"
Weight - 23 to 27lbs
Capacity - Up to 230lbs (depending on board size)
Fin - Screwless Middle Fin + Side Fins
Warranty - 2 Years 
Where to Buy - Cruiser SUP Bliss Series


Cruiser SUP Escape  Series

The Escape is our most versatile and comfortable non-inflatable stand up paddle board.  Available is sizes as small as 7'11" all the way through 11'4", the Escape features Cruiser SUP's exclusive multi layer fiberglass, bamboo and carbon reinforced Dura-Soft Technology . This is a lightweight, strong, durable, yet high performance construction with a full wrap deck pad. With a seamless, full wrap deck pad, the premium quality EVA material covers the entire top of the paddle board, as well as sides, for the pinnacle of durability, comfort, and traction.

Why We Picked It

The Escape is the ideal all-around paddle board for those just learning, but has lots to offer more advanced riders looking for amazing value as well. The Escape takes the proven all-around performance of our legendary All Terrain series, then adds the benefit of a full wrap deck pad.  Perfect for calm water cruising, the Escape series also offers awesome surf performance.  The ample volume and width of the Escape allows those just staring to paddle board quick and easy learning, but refined shapes really shine as your skill level improves!

Who It's For

  • Riders looking for a stable, light, and durable SUP board that is easy to learn on, yet still offers endless progression - and awesome value.
  • Paddlers looking for one paddle board to do it all!  Conditions from calm lake water to surf, and all conditions in between!  SUP Yoga, paddle boarding with kids, your dog, or just getting out and cruising.
  • Riders looking for an all-around paddle board with the comfort and versatility a full wrap deck pad can offer.

Quick Facts

Length - 711" to 11'4"
Width - 30.5" to 33.5"
Weight - 18lbs to 27lbs
Capacity - Up to 250lbs (depending on board size)
Fin - Screwless Middle Fin + Side Fins
Warranty - 2 Year
Where to BuyCruiser SUP Escape

Cruiser SUP Crossover Air Inflatable and Balance Air Series

Don't wait, inflate!  Inflatables are light, tough, durable, and incredibly easy to store and transport. Add in super stable and easy to paddle, more and more women are opting for inflatables paddle boards for their high level performance, yet portable convenience. Available in 9'8" through 11'6" sizing, the Crossover Air and Balance Air series should be on your short list of boards to consider. 

Why We Picked It

The Crossover Air series comes as light as 19lbs, and taking up only the space of sleeping bag when defeated for effortless transport and storage. With 6" thickness they offer unmatched stability for learning, and their 17psi inflation capacity ensures they are as rigid as possible.  With extended deck pad, the Crossover Air series offers versatility for paddle board Yoga, or taking your kids for a paddle.  Easy learning, versatility, and progression are at the core of the Crossover Air Series.

The Balance Air 10'8 offers all the versatility and performance of the Crossover Air 10'8, however is tailor specifically for SUP Yoga.  The Mandala inspired brushed EVA deck pad offers the ultimate in comfort and traction for your practice.  

Who It's For

  • The Crossover Air is ideal for paddle boarders who want a stable, light, and easy to use board without the hassles of storing and transporting a non-inflatable board.
  • The Balance Air is a wonderful option for SUP Yoga practitioners who still want a board that is great for cruising and exploring.
  • Both the Crossover Air and Balance Air are for anyone looking for a lightweight, durable, portable, and extremely well priced stand up paddle board.

Quick Facts

Length - 9'8" to 11'6"
Width - 32" to  33.5"
Weight - 19lbs to 25.5lbs
Capacity - Up to 280lbs (depending on board size)
Fin - Toolless Middle Fin + Side Fins
Warranty - 2 Year
Where to Buy - Cruiser SUP Crossover Air

Cruiser SUP Blend Series


The Blend is for paddle boarders who want it all. Light, tough, easy to paddle, precision tracking, and jaw dropping graphics. Available in 10'0", 10'6", 11'0", and 11'6" sizing the Blend features Cruiser SUP's Ultra-Lite Technology for an unrivaled mix of lightweight design and performance.

Why We Picked It

The Blend features a gorgeous visible Paulownia wood grain, and a teal or clear carbon/black rail.  The Blend gives first time riders a stable platform to learn on (due to double concave bottom shapes), and both offer no limitations as you progress your skill set.   Flat water glide is where the Blend really shines!

Who It's For

  • Those looking for a paddle board that is easy to learn on, and fun to progress on.
  • Paddle boarders who want a premium construction with graphics that will make your SUP board the envy of those you paddle board with.
  • Women who may have an older and heavier paddle board they are looking to upgrade away from in favor of a more modern design and lighter construction.

Quick Facts

Length - 10'0" to 11'6"
Width - 32" to 32.5"
Weight - 24lbs to 30 lbs
Capacity - Up to 280lbs (depending on board size)
Fin - Screwless Middle Fin + Side Fins
Warranty - 1 Year
Where to Buy - Cruiser SUP Blend Series


Cruiser SUP Dura-Maxx and Balance Series

With two sizes to pick from, most women paddle boarders tend to prefer the Dura-Maxx in the 10'6" sizing, which is great for anyone up to 250lbs. Cruiser SUP's Dura-Maxx Technology is without doubt the most durable SUP construction on the market. Featuring Dura-Shield poly-carbonate shell for maximum durability, the Dura-Maxx remains a light weight stand up paddle board, stable, and easy to use.

Why We Picked It

For those just learning to stand up paddle board, the Dura-Maxx features 230 liters of volume for incredible stability.  With a full length deck pad, you can paddle board in comfort, but also have the versatility to paddle with your dog (or kids) on board, or do a SUP Yoga practice. The ultra tough construction also make it an ideal SUP board to share with your family and friends.

The Balance offers the same ease of use, durability, and stability as the Dura-Maxx, just with more specialization for SUP Yoga. The intricate Mandala graphics coupled with a brushed EVA deck pad for ultimate comfort make the Balance a great pick for a stand up paddle board yoga board that still offers great all around performance.

Who It's For

  • The Dura-Maxx is for anyone who wants a paddle board that offers exceptional stability, durability, and versatility.
  • The Balance series combines all the great features of the Dura-Maxx, just with a more yoga specific deck pad
  • Paddlers who want a durable paddle board they can share with family and friends.

Quick Facts

Length - 10'6" to 11'4"
Width - 3.5" to 33.5"
Weight - 28lbs to 32.5lbs
Capacity - Up to 320lbs (depending on board size)
Fin - Screwless Middle Fin
Warranty - 2 Years
Where to Buy - Cruiser SUP Dura-Maxx or Cruiser SUP Balance Dura-Maxx

Top 5 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards For Women

This is just sampling of some of the great women's specific stand up paddle  boards we have to offer. If you want to talk to us about them, or which one is best for you, just give us a call, email, or Live Chat with us!





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