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10 Essential Stand Up Paddle Board Gift Ideas

The Ultimate Guide To SUP Gifts

Do you have a stand up paddle boarder on your shopping list, but you’re not sure what to buy? Our staff of paddle board experts have compiled the ultimate list of “must have” stand up paddle board gifts - so shopping for that the paddle boarder in your life is quick and easy!

Check out our complete list of gifts for paddlers and find the perfect gift for any SUP boarder.

1. Rail Saver Pro

Rail Saver Pro

Price: $49.95


Nothing says "I love my SUP board" like protecting it.  The Original Rail Saver Pro  is easily applied to any board that does not have an EVA covered rail to protect against paddle scuffs and dings.


2. Cruiser Eco Dura-Maxx

stand up paddle boarder carrying Cruiser Eco Dura-Maxx

Price - Single Board Packages from $749, 2 Board Packages from $1299


The Cruiser Eco Dura-Maxx offers the ultimate in durability, versatility, and stability. With a full deck pad, stability for riders up to 250 pounds, and an ultra tough polycarbonate shell construction, the Eco Dura-Maxx makes a great gift for anyone looking for a versatile and durable stand up paddle board.


3. PFD

Elite SUP Inflatable Belt Pack PFD

Price - $99


Keep the stand up paddle boarder in your life safe when on the water with the Coast Guard Stearns SUP Elite Inflatable Belt Pack.   This compact design of the Elite Model gives you full range of motion for easy paddling movement. Give the gift of safety this holiday season


4. Betty & Blend Boards

Cruiser SUP Betty and Blend Stand Up Paddle Boards


Price - Single boards from $799, 2 Board Packages from $1549


The Cruiser SUP Betty and Blend Series offer Cruiser SUP’s exclusive Dura-Soft full wrap deck pad for unparalleled grip, traction, and comfort. Available 4 colours, and up to 4 sizes per colour, there is a Blend or Betty for anyone on your shopping list.  As always, free shipping*, free paddle, and no sales tax in most states!


5. Carbon Paddle

Stand Up Paddle Boarder holding Carbon paddle

Price- From $139


Giving someone who has a aluminium SUP paddle a carbon paddle is like giving someone who only rides a bike a brand new Ferrari. Feather light weight, and incredible stiffness will ensure this is one gift they won’t re-gift!


6. Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Paddle boarders using inflatable SUP Boards

Price - Single Boards from $599, 2 Board packages from $999


From all around boards like the Koa Air, Crossover and Dura-Air to touring speed machines like the V-Max Air, Cruiser SUP Inflatables are a great gift idea for the SUP paddlers on your list . Being extremely portable, easy to store, and durable makes them a great gift for those who travel or have limited storage space.  

All Cruiser SUP Inflatables include Deluxe Wheeled Carry Case,  3 Piece Travel Paddle,  Bravo Dual Action Pump,  2 Year Warranty, and Free Shipping!


7. A New Paddle Board Leash

SUP Leash on a SUP Board

Price - From $24.95 with board purchase


Help that special someone on your list stay safe when they are stand up paddle boarding by getting them a SUP leash. This simple gift attaches them to their board so it is not able to drift away if they fall off. The Deluxe Flat Water Coil Leash is ideal for those paddling in calmer waters, the Deluxe Straight SUP Leash for those in both flat water and surf, and the Bomber SUP Leash for those mainly surfing or paddling in whitewater.


8. Kona and Wahine Wood Boards

Stand Up Paddle Boarders Riding the Cruiser SUP Kona and Wahine Wood

Price - Single boards from $749, 2 Board Packages from $1449


Great looks and great performance combine into one incredible value.  The purple Wahine is available in 10’2 and 10’8, and the blue Kona in 10’2, 10’8, and 11’6.  With full length deck pad, and shapes optimised for glide, tracking, but also control in surf, there is a Kona and Wahine Wood to suit all riders and conditions.  As always, free shipping*, free paddle, and no sales tax in most states!


9. A SUP Fin

Stand Up Paddle Board Fin

Price - From $27.95


Fins make a great SUP gift as any board can benefit from the increased efficiency a high performance fin can offer.  With a variety of styles for flat water or surf, a Cruiser SUP fin can take a boards performance to the next level compared to the plastic fins that come stock in most boards.


10. Gift Card

Cruiser SUP Gift Card

Price - starting at $10


Available in amounts from $10 through as much as you want to spend, the Cruiser SUP Gift Card is a great way to let the SUP paddler in your life pick out exactly they want. Great if you want to help someone with a larger purchase.


SUP Gifts that are Sure to Please

Don’t just guess what to buy the stand up paddle boarder on your shopping list. Take these great SUP gift ideas hand picked by our expert staff and get them something every paddle boarder will be jealous of.

If you’re still not sure, just contact us at 800-617-9463 or and we will be more than happy to help you out!

Did we miss something you’ve got on your wishlist? Let us know your own gift ideas for paddle boarders in the comments!


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