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V-MAX LE 12'6" Touring Wood/Carbon Paddle Board By Cruiser SUP®

July SUPer Sale - Ends Today!
Package Includes Free Carbon Paddle, Center Fin, Safety Leash & 2 Year Warranty VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Don't Miss Out!

Take Your Paddling To The Next Level.
Stunning 2024 Paulownia Wood/Carbon/PVC construction. Incomparable performance, excellent tracking, versatility, amazing stability. Loaded with features!

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#1 Hard Shell & Wood/Carbon Paddle Board Brand. Celebrating 30 Years Of Legendary Quality & Customer Satisfaction - Since 1994. Two Year Warranty & 90 Day Return Policy*
Over 4,800 5 Star Paddle Board Buyer Reviews!

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    Package Includes:

  • Free Two Year Rigid Board Warranty*
  • 90 Day Return Policy*
  • Free Shipping*
  • Your Shipment Is Protected From Damage & Loss*
  • Cruiser SUP Adjustable Length Paddle
  • Screw-Less Removable 9" touring Fin
  • Two Removable Side Fins* (see tech specs below)
  • Lockable, Recessed EZ Grab™ Ergo Carry Handle

  • 2 Year Warranty Free Paddle* & Shipping
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V-MAX LE 12'6" Touring Wood/Carbon Paddle Board By Cruiser SUP®

Premium Quality V-Max™ LE Wood/Carbon Non-Inflatable Paddle Board...With Cruiser SUP® Brand Registered Trademark. Cruiser SUP® multi-layer solid boards are backed By Two Year Warranty. 

We Build Them - We Know Them! SUP Specialists For 19 Years. Surf Industry Leading Customer Service For 30 Years. NOTE:  We do not offer Inflatable & Soft Top boards (single layer epoxy/fiberglass), due to inferior quality, performance and durability.

The Limited Edition 2024 Cruiser SUP V-Max LE 12'6" Touring offers incomparable flat water performance. With excellent tracking and amazing stability, the low riding displacement nose is fully engaged to slice through the water efficiently - and quietly.

This board is made for speed and ultimate performance. Very strong Ultra-Lite Paulownia wood construction with carbon reinforced rails, wood/carbon/PVC foam reinforced standing area (to prevent heel dents), wood bottom with 2 layers of fiberglass!

The Cruiser SUP V-Max LE 12'6" Touring pairs great, natural looks and an unparalleled flat-water paddling experience. The low-riding displacement nose slices through the water to help increase your speed, while ample width allows for amazing stability. The V-Max Touring 12'6" is ideal for medium to heavy weight riders, and will support up to 285 pounds. 

Cruiser SUP's Ultra-Lite molded Paulownia/Carbon/PVC construction offers the lightest weight, highest performing boards, that remain durable due to super strong innegra-carbon. The V-Max LE Touring 12'6" features innegra-carbon reinforced rails and wood/carbon/PVC standing area, to increase the durability and longevity of the boards, while remaining light-weight. 

The stellar graphics, light-weight construction, stability and speed of the V-Max Touring 12'6" makes it the top of its class.
(Specifications subject to change without notice*)

Customer Mark recently received his V-Max LE 12'6" and wrote us:
"I paddled Saturday and Sunday, about 10 miles each day.  Casual paddle on Saturday and pretty aggressive, fast on Sunday.

This is by far one of the nicest boards I have paddled...The lower center section brings you closer to water level, making it incredibly stable at slow speeds...the hull design allows it to really cut through the water and glide during more aggressive paddling. 

Several of my paddle buddies jumped on to give it a spin and all of them were very impressed with its stability and speed, not to mention its fantastic looks.  Hands down this is an amazing board and I have no buyers remorse in any way.  I would certainly do this purchase again - Great product!!"

Mark Dietz
Three Trackers of Ohio

Why The 2024 V-Max LE 12'6" Is Better Than Competitors Paddle Boards
• Rigid Non-Inflatable Paddle Board - Performance, Convenience, Ease of Use and Safety
• 2 Year Warranty - Compare Competitors 60 to 180 Day Warranty
• Carbon & Paulownia Wood Reinforced For Strength & Durability
• PVC and Carbon Patch In Standing Area For Durability
• Comfort Top™ Plush/Dual Density Brushed Texture Deck Pad
• Tool-less Touring Center Fin
• Expanded Nose and Tail Bungee Cords
• Cooler Tie Down Behind Center Handle
• Lockable EZ-Grab™ Carry Handle
• Precision Shaped - V-Keel Nose to Single Concave to Double Concave Tunnels to V Bottom For Stability, Tracking & Glide Performance


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Our premium quality paddle boards are a lifetime investment for many customers - well worth the short wait!

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Recommended Size Chart & Technical Specifications

V-MAX LE 12'6" Touring Wood/Carbon Paddle Board By Cruiser SUP®

The charts below show our recommended sizes based on weight, but there are other factors (balance, ability, experience, conditions, carrying kids or dogs and intended use) that determine a great fit. That’s why you’ll see some overlap in our recommendations. The best way to find your perfect fit is to consult the experts at Cruiser SUP.

Weight Range: (lbs)
Beginner: Up to 285
Length: 12'6"
Volume: 285L
Width: 31.5"
Thickness: 7.5"
Weight: *(+/- 10%) 33.5 lbs
Fin Type: 9"
Warranty: 2 Year

Ultra-Lite Wood | Innegra-Carbon | PVC Technology

Paulownia Wood | Innegra-Carbon | PVC
Construction Image

Cruiser SUP Ultra-Lite wood/carbon/PVC boards offers a class leading, user friendly "tough", high quality wood construction.

Tough: In addition to three layers of 4oz. fiberglass on top and 4oz/6oz layers on bottom, (5 layers of fiberglass wrapping the rails), there is full-length .5mm real wood veneer reinforcement (stronger than fiberglass) sandwiched between the first and second fiberglass layers on top and bottom. Carbon & PVC foam reinforcement in the standing area to prevent heel dents. Super strong Innegra-Carbon cloth is added to the rails, nose and tail for extra ding resistance.

The quality CNC shaped 14kg EPS core is strong to prevent heel dents. This combination is molded for extra strength, impact resistance and lighter weight. The rails are painted in matte finish for improved performance and custom look. The result is a strong and durable premium construction.

TOP: Soft & Strong

  • 4 oz fiberglass
  • Real Paulownia Wood - Full Length
  • 4 oz fiberglass
  • 4 oz fiberglass
  • Carbon & PVC reinforcement in standing area
  • Premium "crocodile" non-slip texture EVA deck pad

BOTTOM: Hard & Strong

  • 6 oz fiberglass
  • Real Paulownia Wood - Full Length
  • 4 oz fiberglass

Rails: Painted and Strong

  • 5 layers of fiberglass
  • Super Strong Innegra-Carbon cloth

V-MAX LE 12'6" Touring Wood/Carbon Paddle Board By Cruiser SUP® Features

Product Feature Image 1

Ultra-Lite Paulownia Wood/Carbon/PVC

The Ultra-Lite Technology features CNC shaping, carbon & PVC patches under the deck pad for added stiffness, innegra-carbon rail reinforcement and stunning Paulownia wood top & bottom. The end result is a board that is light, stiff, durable, and exceptionally high performance.

Product Feature Image 2

Premium Crocodile Skin Deck Pad

High quality, plush EVA foam deck pad in the standing for a soft, comfortable touch with great grip

Product Feature Image 3

Breathable Pressure Vent

This specially designed, maintenance-free valve features a 2-way membrane that lets air escape safely from the core of your board during rapid temperature changes on those hot, sunny days or during enclosed transport.

Product Feature Image 4

Screw-less 9" Touring Fin

Comes with 9" screw-less touring fin shaped for great tracking and glide.

Product Feature Image 5

Lockable EZ Grab™ Carry Handle

Allows for ease and comfort when transporting your board to and from the water. Dual Opening, Ergo Grab Handle allows the ability to thread lockable cable (Cable not Included).

Product Feature Image 6

Bungee/Insert System

Carry along anything you want from water bottle to PFD. 6 attachment points in front of the pad, and 4 on the tail allow you to take a long whatever you want. 4 cooler tie down inserts behind handle.